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Winning custom triathlon kits

Triathlons; the sporting events for the bravest and most enduring of competitors. A true triathlete doesn’t settle for second-best, and neither do we.

When a single event involves swimming, cycling and running, the suit that you find yourself wearing can make all the difference. It has to be streamlined, lightweight and, most of all, comfortable, minimising friction to maximise performance.





V02 custom triathlon kits for men and women are tailored to you, providing the perfect fit, the ultimate durability and personalised design for a winning triple combo. We are proud of each and every suit we manufacture, the high quality fabric and design resists even the most persistent wear and tear to push you through to the finish line.

With years of experience, our designers know exactly how a winning triathlon suit should be. They don’t only use their own expertise, but they also consult you before the designing process to make sure that your triathlon kit is exactly how you want it to be. Give our expert team as much information as possible and they will be able to design you the kit that will truly push you towards glory.

As sports fans ourselves, we have ran, swam and cycled through our fair share of triathlons, so we understand the obstacles that an athlete can encounter. We pride ourselves on producing custom triathlon suits that are so comfortable and versatile that you’ll feel natural and liberated while wearing them, maximising your performance so that you can keep improving your best time.

Once we’ve received your order for bespoke triathlon kit, we’ll get it to you within six weeks, delivering straight to your door.

The VO2 custom kit design service

We offer 2 levels of design for all of our custom sportswear products –

Semi-Custom – We have a vast range of designs already created so all you need to do is choose the design, choose the colours you want and send us your logo’s and anything else you want adding to the design.

Full Custom – If we don’t have a design in the Semi-custom range, don’t worry! We have a design team who have years of experience in designing your perfect cycling kit.

What custom triathlon kits do we make?

We offer very competitive prices for our premium quality products, so don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote.

V02’s current triathlon products include:


320x50 - Custom Kit Journey 1 - orange