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Custom Running Kit

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Ah, the open road. It’s a runner’s dream. Seeing the world go by while getting the blood pumping; there’s nothing quite like it.

So why let it be ruined by a pair of ill-fitting running shorts, or a jersey that chafes around the underarms? At V02, we have seen the opportunity to turn running back into the sport you love, thanks to fantastically lightweight, custom running kit.

Designed by a team of runners themselves, you can rest assured that the gear that we manufacture is tailored to boost your performance, by providing the right fit for serious comfort, made from material that allows your body to breathe.

With no minimum order numbers, you can dress yourself like a champion whether you’re after a pair of running shorts to make the evening jog a little more leisurely, or you’re ordering full running kits for a team, V02 is the sportswear retailer for you.


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What running kit do we make?

Our custom-made running gear is available in all sizes, ensuring that whatever your build, you can run comfortably and in style.

Our current running products include:

Lightweight and practical, our custom running kit can really help you to push on. Delivered straight to your door within six weeks of your order being placed, you’ll soon notice the benefits of wearing items that are designed to fit your body perfectly.

Be sure to contact us for a personalised quote.